Model: Milan Kovačević
Photographer: Danilo Mataruga
Model: Milan Dišković
Photographer: Đorđe Ilić
Model: Milan Dišković
Photographer: Đorđe Ilić


Mild colours of coffee, honey, sand, baige, brown. There are only few effective threads in the warp in other colours such as violet, blue and pink to bring some life into this.

The name Kazak stands for an oriental hint of the ambient of “The stories from thousand and one night”.

The pattern is Honeysuckle twill.

Materials: cotton, dralon, viscose, acryl, polyamid, polyester, wool.

Lenght 280 cm
Widht 51 cm
Weight 550 gr

Price: 260 Euros

Models: Milan Kovačević, Milan Dišković

Photographers: Djordje Ilić, Danilo Mataruga