Model: Vladimir Aleksić
Photographer: Danilo Mataruga
Model: Vladimir Aleksić 
Photographer: Danilo Mataruga
Model: Stefan Janković 
Photographer: Danilo Mataruga
Model: Isidora Vlasak 
Photographer: Danilo Mataruga


Following the Silk Road and the nutmeg scented stories of Scheherazade all the way to the ancient Samarkand city and it’s Bazaars of Registan (the sand city) where one is bedazzled by the splendor of the Blue Mosque and three grandiose Madrasahs covered in yellow, blue and green mosaics with glittering gold…

Materials: Mohair, cotton, viscose, lurex, wool, polyamid, polyacryl

The pattern I used Mirrored Minarets by Lois Clifford is enlarged a great deal and is not visible on its own but it makes such a consequential colour play with the warp and weft which is reminiscent of those mozaics on the three Madrasahs.

Weight 500 gr
Lenght 277 cm
Width 55 cm

Price: SOLD

Models: Stevan Jankovic, Isidora Vlasak, Vladimir Aleksic

Photo: Danilo Mataruga