Model: Isidora Vlasak 
Photographer: Danilo Mataruga
Model: Isidora Vlasak
Photographer: Danilo Mataruga
Model: Saška Maksimović 
Photographer: Danilo Mataruga


Psychology of the yellow colour tells about communication, intellect and folklore of this colour is connected to the Sun gods and deities, splendor, light, but also symbolizes jealousy, poisons etc. To me it is the colour of the Sun, creativity, harmony and gorgeous yellow May Roses.

Materials: cotton, mohair, wool, acryl, polyester, viscose, angora, glitter, ribbons, leno lace.

Weight 300 gr
Width 37 cm
Length 200 cm

Price: SOLD

Models: Saska Maksimović, Isidora Vlasak

Photographers: Danilo Mataruga